A House To Call home

First ever poem on this blog. Each poem comes with a picture enjoy!!


The House to Call Home

The world is seeking a place of rest,

But searching they cannot find.

For this world is filled with evil pleasures,

That sicken when paled with time.

The world dearly needs a place of refuge,

To rest in when hard times come.

For we all must face our consequences,

But many get hurt more than some.

The world needs wings to hide under,

To escape from raging storms.

We, God’s people, as his wings,

Must help them. No matter what their forms.

Whether: Broken, Bruised or empty hearted,

all can find his light.

We, his people as his lanterns,

must be towers of his light.

Guiding the people to His home

Where the Shepherd will bind within.

All the bruises, cuts and pains,

that the world has strived to win.

There these flowers will blossom and grow,

resting in their new-found peace.

Until they realise, one beautiful day,

That their King is the Prince of Peace.

And so, his building will not only become the step stool of his throne.

Peace, Joy, Love and Compassion, the building will be named,

By those who have a house to call home.

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